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The S5 Quick Contact module is a free module, and is demo'd on this page. This module is a simple way for your visitors to get in contact with you. Sometimes full contact pages are just too much. If you're looking for an easy way to stay in contact with your visitors this module is for you. This module has fully configurable language settings, sends emails to a specified admin account, captcha spam protection and much more! And of course it's free!

The styling of the module shown here is customized specifically for this template with css overrides, and cannot be used with any other template. The same module can be used on any template, but with default or other styling in its place.

Menu Features:

  • Mail is sent directly through the Joomla mail function, defined under the Joomla globlal configurations. This means the mail can send through direct php mail functions or through SMTP authenticaion.
  • In addition to the Name and Email fields, you can set up to ten customized fields (all completely optional). These fields can be a regular text input, a full textarea, drop down select, or a date selection field.
  • Set any custom field to either required and not required.
  • The styling of each input, textarea, and button is controlled by common Joomla classes, so it will match your template out of the box. The styling shown on this demo is specific to this template using the mentioned classes.
  • In addition to the default class names you can also set widths, paddings, and margins.
  • Predefine a subject or let the user enter their own.
  • You can customize all error messages to any text or language that you would like directly from the module's backend.
  • Set the wording for all fields to any words or language that you would like, eg: Name, Email, Phone, etc.
  • There are multiple layers of spam protections. The first is done by the built in captcha methods, that you can enable or disable. The second is automatic, the script will automatically detect mail headers to prevent spammers. Third, you can enter up to 30 word exclusions that you do not wants your users submitting.
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Tel. +39 389 690 3192

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